Root's Maple Syrup  est. 2009 Andover (Richmond Township), Ohio

Root's Maple Syrup was established in 2009. It is the second sugar house that we know of on this property. The original sugar house was used in the early 1900's by my great, great grandfather and my great grandfather. That building has long since rotted away, although there are still remnants of it in the woods.  Our new sugar house was built about 600 feet away on the same property. WE continue to expand every year. For 2013 we have added a new 2.5x10 raised flue evaporator made by A&A metal shop in ulysses, pa. We had 517 taps for the 2013 season. This included about 350 on vacuum tubing and 167 on sap sacks. it was by far our best season, yet. This was mostly due to mother nature blessing us with fantastic sugaring weather that allowed the season to last eight weeks. new for the 2014 season will be 500+ taps on vacuum, more stainless steel storage tanks, a filter press, and a reverse osmosis system built by ray gingerich at deer run maple in colebrook. we have also made more sugar house upgrades including a new concrete floor and a 4x16 addition which will house the reverse osmosis unit and a utility room.
Our new sugar house built in the summer/fall of 2009. We have added six additions since then!
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